"A monument, like a will, is a validation of one's life. It says that you were here, that you lived in a period of human history. A cemetery is the validation of the existence of a society." Author Mario Giannarelli

Giannarelli Memorials

Celebrates 83 years of service in the death care industry.

Single Memorials
Private Mausoleums
Restorations & Renovations
Double Memorials
Inscriptions & Artwork
Lawn Base & Headstones
Niche Memorial Walls
Bronze Lettering Accessories
Bronze & Stone Plaques

Our Services

We take pride in the work we create and ensure that all work has longevity.
Throughout the process we are with you and your family every step of the way to guide you and honour the memory of your loved one.

Experts in our craft, we are committed to producing the finest quality memorials, offering an extensive range of designs & granites to meet your personal and financial requirements.

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